“It is our experience that the best results are created, when the former owners maintain affiliation to the company as shareholders and members of the board”


When we invest, it is our strategy to create a reviving generational succession in order to strengthen the foundation for the long-term development and growth of the company. 

We exclusively conduct majority investments and always insist that the new managing director becomes a co-owner.

“Our companies must have a sound sustainability policy and climate-friendly operations from product development to market”

A lot of companies contact Dansk Generationsskifte directly. Through a confidential dialogue, we establish the necessary mutual trust to lay ground for a solid generational succession.

In our perspective it is not just about finding the right companies. It is equally important to find the right leaders. Often we have found the leader before we have found the company. 

We focus on investments that benefit from our differentiated industry and investing experiences in order to create meaningful difference in cooperation with the daily leadership of the company.


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